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Wine tasting in Dewey, Arizona

Wine Tasting in Dewey Arizona is on the rise Since the opening of it's latest tasting room from Mogollon Vineyards, Dewey Arizona is being and the Verde Valley are starting to look a bit closer to Napa Valley in the early years. 2016 GRENACHE ROSÉ This Mogollon Vineyard wine won won the Silver Award at the 2019 West Coast Wine Competition. Clean copper shades bring out the beauty of this wine. Tangy cherry & strawberry zest with a hint of red licorice. This vintage brings warmth & sophistication to your holiday festivities. If you are looking to start your own vineyard, there are many great farming properties … [Read More...]

closing costs

Closing Costs on your Home

When it comes to the home buying and selling process, there are a lot of added costs involved, apart from the property price itself. These closing costs are added fees that come along with purchasing a property and are usually taken care of at the “close” or conclusion of the real estate transaction. Depending on your location, the type of mortgage you take out and the property you’re planning on purchasing, these closing costs can be substantial. They should always be taken into consideration when deciding on the type of home one can afford. Although every real estate transaction is unique, the following list … [Read More...]

Holidays in Prescott, Arizona Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate

Ways to enjoy Holidays in Prescott, Arizona

Holidays in Prescott, Arizona We love Prescott all year round but the holidays in Prescott, Arizona might be our favorite time of year.  Despite Prescott repeatedly being named one of the best places in the U.S. to retire or to live, the town still manages to maintain it's charm and small town feeling. If you've just moved to Prescott or if you are considering relocating here are some suggestions of events during the holidays. Noted as being Arizona's Christmas City, the holiday festivities in Prescott kick off on Thanksgiving weekend. Here's the line up of our top things to do in Prescott during the holiday … [Read More...]

Trick or Treat Prescott, Arizona, Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate

Trick or Treat in Prescott, Arizona

Trick or Treat in Prescott, Arizona can be quite adventurous. For over sixty years, Mt Vernon Street in Prescott, Arizona has been attracting thrill-seekers by the thousands on Halloween night. The spooky adventures started in 1901 when a run down Victorian home on the corner of Mt. Vernon and Goodwin was thought to be haunted. The owner decided to play some tricks on the neighborhood kids and scare them with spooky and ghostly sights and sounds. By the 1960's other homes on Mt Vernon street decided to get in on the scary adventures and it quickly became an annual theme. Now the neighborhood of Mt. Vernon street in … [Read More...]