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small spaces- Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate

Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Smaller rooms can be difficult to decorate, because if you don’t know a few important tricks, the space can end up feeling a little claustrophobic. Here’s how you can keep a room feeling airy and spacious, even if it’s just a studio apartment or an attic. Breathing room Your first inclination might be to arrange all your furniture flush against the walls. Though this may add a little extra room to move through the room, it’ll make everything feel more crowded and congested. Instead, try arranging items at an angle, or pull them six inches away from the wall. Mirrors and strategic colors Dark paint will make the … [Read More...]

home office-Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate


CREATE THE HOME OFFICE OF YOUR DREAMS Whether you work full-time at home or occasionally need to conduct business in the evenings or on the weekends, a home office a great way to utilize an extra room. A dedicated workspace in your home can be designed to increase productivity and comfort. Here are 5 ideas to get you started with your new Home Office. Invest in a good office chair. Investing in an ergonomic office chair is essential. You may be spending anywhere from 30 to 50 hours a week sitting in it, so your back will thank you. Purchasing one with multiple adjustments is ideal so it fits you just right. … [Read More...]

housing crisis- Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate

Three Reasons Why This Is Not a Housing Crisis

In times of uncertainty, one of the best things we can do to ease our fears is to educate ourselves with research, facts, and data. Digging into past experiences by reviewing historical trends and understanding the peaks and valleys of what’s come before us is one of the many ways we can confidently evaluate any situation. With concerns of a global recession on everyone’s minds today, it’s important to take an objective look at what has transpired over the years and how the housing market has successfully weathered these storms. 1. The Market Today Is Vastly Different from 2008 We all remember 2008. This is not … [Read More...]

Pricing Strategy Advisor-Julie and Dennis Jennings Real Estate

Jennings Real Estate Group Earns NAR Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Julie Jennings Company Name: Jennings Group Real Estate Telephone Number: 928-273-0061 Email Address: jjaz@gmail.com Website address: https://relocatetoprescott.com/ Jennings Real Estate Group Earns NAR Pricing Strategy Advisor Certification Prescott, Arizona, 3/23/2020 — Julie and Dennis Jennings with Jennings Group Real Estate has earned the nationally recognized Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA) certification. The National Association of REALTORS® offers the PSA certification to REALTORS® as determining property values depends more than ever on professional expertise and … [Read More...]